Flavor Palette

For Victor Jaramillo, a Venezuelan photographer based in Miami, the culinary realm is a form of art, and thus, all individuals contributing to a culinary venture are artists, so he harbors deep respect for these professionals. Sharing this enthusiasm with his friend Nidal Barake, they decided it was time to pay a well-deserved tribute to those artists. Together, they embarked on a project to craft a series of portraits showcasing some of Miami's culinary luminaries.

The portraits are a riot of color, reflecting the spirited, dynamic, and diverse environment in which chefs, baristas, sommeliers, and restaurateurs perform their culinary skills. These images represent but a fraction of the burgeoning cadre of adept individuals forming the backbone of Miami’s gastronomic industry.

Through this photographic exhibition, Victor and Nidal extend an invitation to delve into the exuberant realm of culinary creativity and to laud the commitment, mastery, and inventiveness of these select professionals. Each portrait narrates a tale of passion, tenacity, and the intimate link between art and nourishment. Join us as we honor the unsung heroes behind the scenes and explore the beauty of gastronomy captured in every frame.